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CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group has worked on several major mining projects, such as:

Casa Berardi – Sinking of a Ventilation Shaft

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group has designed and built several shafts of different dimensions around the world. Working with its partner, Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada, CMAC-THYSSEN used soil-freezing technology to tunnel this shaft.

Casa Berardi - Raise Bore Machine

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group has carried out raise boring at the Casa Berardi mine since 2010.

Agnico-Eagle Mines, La Ronde - Platform

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group designed and manufactured a drilling and boring platform. This unique product improves worker safety and makes for considerably faster drilling compared to conventional processes. This innovation won a Quebec occupational health and safety innovation award in the large organization category.

Managem Morocco – Pass Rehabilitation

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group worked on ore pass rehabilitation and trained employees at Managem Corporation’s Drass Far mine in Morocco. Since then, the Company has helped to develop several projects in Managem’s mines on a regular basis.

Axor – Rivière-au-Tonnerre

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group completed canalization works for a small power plant on the Sheldrake River on the North Shore.

Hydro-Québec - La Romaine

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group excavated rock as part of a raise project measuring 3 m in diameter and 163 m in length and an expansion project with a radius of 8.5 m.

Xstrata Matagami – Fraco Platform

Working with Fraco, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group developed a new generation of drilling platforms. This CMAC-THYSSEN proprietary technology combines innovation and ingenuity. CMAC-THYSSEN sees innovation as the future of vertical construction. Specifically, the Xstrata project involved making a large-scale vertical raise secure and drilling an “emergency exit” manway.

Nyrstar - Langlois

As part of this project, the Company worked on Alimak mining activities and on constructing ore passes.


- LH Morocco
- LH Tanzania
- SPLH Zambia
- LH Aurizon
- PLH Agnico-Eagle
- LH Hauler
- Raise Bore Hauler
- Fraco Platform