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Renowned partners serving the mining industry

Determined to develop bold processes and offer products and services tailored to the mining industry, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is involved in various partnerships with major players in the mining sector. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group sees these partnerships as opportunities for openness, learning and progress, as it is all the more focused on incorporating innovation into its products and services. These partnerships bring together the resources and the necessary expertise to successfully complete innovative projects.

Fraco Products Ltd.
Fraco Products Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer that designs, manufactures and markets permanent or temporary mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and hoists. It is known for its ability to tailor its products to the conditions and needs of special projects requiring specific equipment.

MaXem Holding Ltd. is a South African mining services company that offers specialized mine engineering services for mining development and development drilling, particularly long-hole drilling and workforce training (TM3). MaXem is active in South Africa and in several other countries, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, etc.

MaXem has been promoting CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer’s products for more than five years and has numerous major clients, including Vale, Barrick, Africa Paladium, etc.


Youdin CMAC-THYSSEN was established following a business partnership between Dr. Ted Moses and CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc., which offers various Cree communities turnkey mining services and workforce training services, among other things. Dr. Ted Moses is well known across Canada and has been recognized and honoured time and time again for his involvement in Cree community development.

Thyssen Mining Construction of Canada (TMCC)
Thyssen Mining is a leading mining contractor in the United States and Canada and a world leader in shaft sinking. Thyssen Mining is also a leading innovator in introducing new technology and methods to the mining industry.

Sarliaq Holdings Ltd.

CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group has partnered with Sarliaq Holdings Ltd. for Inuit workforce training in Nunavut. Headquartered in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Sarliaq Holdings specializes in human resources development, training, work placement, consulting and mining industry-oriented marketing.