An internationally recognized mining manufacturer

Recognized worldwide, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer manufactures and sells mining equipment and parts. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer's engineering services in the mining sector have earned a reputation of excellence across Canada and around the world.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer assembles three types of long-hole drills that definitively meet the mining industry's requirements: pneumatic long-hole drills (PLH), hydraulic or electric long-hole drills (LH II) and mobile long-hole drills (SPLH). Our skilled staff masterfully produces and manufactures all these pieces of equipment, which are designed to save business clients a considerable amount of time, ensure exact precision for operators, enhance safety and provide an excellent return on investment.

Our seasoned, innovative team also has extensive expertise in manufacturing multifunctional drill carriers suited for mining vein deposits. These carriers have several unique features:

  • Their modular construction means they can be moved from one level to a sub-level through a narrow passage;
  • The drilling table pivots on either side of the carrier, making it easier to set up a drill where access is difficult;
  • Ergonomically positioned control levers easily adapt to the operator; and
  • The multifunctional carriers (air/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic) allow for six types of activity, meaning that one piece of equipment meets a client's wide array of needs.

Quality Standards
A commitment to quality beyond compare

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer is focused on product quality and safety and has implemented rigorous and stringent control methods in its manufacturing plant. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer's core criteria for long-hole drilling equipment manufacturing are centred on safe operation, ergonomics and reliability. This philosophy enables the Company to offer high-performance, easy-to-maintain products with an availability rate greater than that of the competition.

Research and Development
Prioritizing innovation in the mining industry

A culture of innovation permeates the Company's activities, processes and products. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer values research and development. Working with Canadian para-public agencies, such as the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer puts considerable effort into developing methods, new technology and new products with the goal of making mining operations safer.

With the mining sector constantly facing challenges, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer considers research and development essential for improving the mining industry's performance.

See innovation at work for our processes and products.