A turnkey service fit for any mining development project

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. has the necessary expertise, equipment and workforce to carry out all types of mining development and operations. Be it a turnkey solution or a response to a specific need, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. will develop your mining project from the ground surface and mine and extract your lode, right up to the mineral processing stage. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. has acquired strong technical knowledge and comprehensive expertise in major civil engineering works through its involvement in numerous large-scale projects.

We undertake to provide highly skilled personnel, a wide range of production equipment and specialized services in order to deploy your mining projects.

Our experienced team manufactures and installs surface and underground infrastructure, such as shaft collars, manways, chutes, conveyors, ore shoot controls, headframes, hoists, compressors and permanent pumping systems. We also excavate rock in all directions and of all dimensions: top-down (shafts), bottom-up (raises), horizontally (tunnels and drifts), stopes (ramps) and bulk (loose work and open pit). Our Engineering Department designs structures, pours and shoots concrete, lines raising with steel, makes bulkheads and installs ground supports.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. also offers industrial construction services, such as perimeter drilling, pre-splitting, blasting and vibration control, in addition to making underground subway tunnels and excavating hydroelectric stations.

It also manufactures a work platform equipped with hydraulic drills that is designed for the installation of ground supports in walls and mine floor drilling. The mechanized platform is operated by wireless remote controls, eliminating the need for manual drills. Raises can be expanded more safely in record time.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc.'s turnkey service will not disappoint.

Long-hole Drilling Operations

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. also specializes in underground long-hole drilling and service hole drilling, anchor cable installation, and the blasting of inverse and drop raises. The Company is unique in this respect in that it guarantees the successful completion of work. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. provides specialized, high-precision equipment, rigorous quality control and competitively priced, effective workmanship in order to meet your expectations. It also hires out and trains labour.

We offer several long-hole drilling services:

  • Development drilling and blasting;
  • Drilling and blasting of inverse raises (up to 65 feet) and drop raises (up to 100 feet);
  • Drilling, installation and cementing of anchor cables;
  • Service hole drilling from 2" to 6" in diameter up to 100 feet in length, using a hydraulic drill;
  • Service hole drilling from 2" to 12" in diameter up to 400 feet in length, using a hydraulic drill; and
  • Down-the-hole drilling; 4" to 8" in diameter;

Several other types of services are also offered:

  • Installation of anchor cables in ore passes;
  • Training on all mining operations;
  • Horizontal excavation of conventional or mechanized drifting;
  • Vertical excavation of conventional or Alimak raising;
  • Shaft sinking;
  • Underground construction and installation;
  • Manufacture and installation of surface mine infrastructure;
  • Technical engineering services; and
  • Equipment rental.

Quality Standards

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is committed to offering optimal service by focusing on quality services and constantly striving to improve its methods and procedures.