Section Health & Safety Policies and Environment

Health & Safety

The Success and Well-being of Everyone

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group believes that disciplined and effective occupational health and safety management is crucial since health and safety is an ever-evolving field. With this in mind, the Company's team continually strives for superior health and safety performance.

All of the Company's standards and work procedures are based on the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety in mines, the Regulation respecting occupational health and safety and the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group prides itself on ensuring that its employees comply with its procedures, and with the acts and regulations in effect in the province where it operates.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group believes that the participation of each staff member is vital. The team works toward a single goal: the success and well-being of everyone. Everyone acts in the best interests of the team and is committed to achieving that goal.

We are especially proud of the numerous outstanding health and safety awards we have received.

Award given by
Quebec Mining Contractors Association
Best improvement in accident frequency
2012 Orica Award
For 2012
Abitibi Témiscamingue Health and Social Services Agency
For participating in the 2012 health and safety achievements campaign
Tribute and Recognition for 2 innovations
For 2012
Occupational Health and Safety Grand Prize Competition
2012 Regional Winner |Innovation| Large Organizations|
Drilling Platform forage
For 2012
24th Health and Safety Symposium, 2012, Abitibi Témiscamingue Public Health Director
To highlight its outstanding contribution to preventing health risks and promoting safe work practices
Certificate of Recognition,
Citation of Excellence for personnel and management
For 2012


Responsible environmental stewardship is everyone's responsibility!

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group bases its decision-making process on a sustainable development policy so that it can incorporate all appropriate environmental protection measures into its actions and operations. By complying with an environmental policy, the Company is able, among other things, to help Canada become a global pioneer in environmentally responsible mineral management.

Production methods for minerals and metals, which are non-renewable resources, can have undesirable environmental consequences when inadequately monitored. That is why processing tailings with no economic value remains essential.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is committed to being directly involved in environmental management by carrying out projects that improve the environment, and encourages its associates and collaborators to do the same. It does so, first and foremost, by giving priority to site cleanliness, safe equipment and consumables storage, resource use, and waste production, disposal and recovery.

CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group believes that environmental sustainability will enable Canada to remain globally competitive in the mining industry through trade and investment.


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