CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group, a highly experienced mining contractor and manufacturer

Recognized worldwide, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is a mining contractor and equipment manufacturer that offers a wide range of fully integrated services. It has completed a significant number of contracts for mining and construction companies around the world and has an impeccable reputation.

As a contractor, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group Inc. carries out all kinds of work related to mine development and operation. With its turnkey service, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Contractor Inc. develops mining projects from the ground surface and mines and extracts your lode, right up to the mineral processing stage.

As an equipment manufacturer, CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Manufacturer specializes in the manufacture and sale of mining equipment and parts. Among other equipment, it manufactures three types of ultra-high-performance long-hole drills that meet mining industry standards: pneumatic long-hole drills (PLH), hydraulic or electric long-hole drills (LH II) and mobile long-hole drills (SPLH).

The Company and its team have the expertise, workforce and necessary equipment to excel in both sectors and are known in the global mining industry for the quality of their workmanship. Committed to serving and satisfying its clients' needs, the Company applies standards that meet client expectations. CMAC-THYSSEN Mining Group is committed to its clients by guaranteeing superior quality services, impressive adaptability and rapid response to client requirements.